devSitePro Web Solutions has launched a brand new Joomla development division. The new website went live on the 1st of March 2011 and can be viewed here:

The core focus of this division is to create new components and modules for the Joomla platform. We have been hard at work and have published several Joomla extensions that are currently being sold in the Joomla community. What this means for you, as the client, is that we are now able to offer you custom developed add-ons for your existing Joomla website.

If you have been looking to improve your website by implementing certain functionalities, but have been unable to find the right component, give us call or send us an e-mail so that we can discuss your requirements and offer a solution to meet your needs.


Recent Web Dev Projects we've carried out:

ABSA Currie Cup – My Team My Passion Campaign – Joomla Platform



This campaign required a website where fans can register their pictures to stand in line to win 250k. The agency we worked with designed the look and feel of the website and we set about slicing up their design and developing the requirements to manage the competition.
We carried out the following development:

  • Functional photo upload and competition section with email registration abilities
  • Checking database structures for users on registration
  • Making the site mobile compatible
  • ABSA Human Spirit – SOAP connection to another server pulling images & data from their SQL Servers.
  • Advanced analytics & event tracking on the Human Spirit campaign on number of views per image and or event.
Safe ID - – Joomla Platform



We created a user manager system for the client allowing the user to register and be assigned a sports bracelet with a unique number which is linked to the database. Should the sportsman be injured and unable to communicate with paramedics they can text the ID on the bracelet and be notified back with the persons next of kin.
We carried out the following:

  • Design of website look and feel.
  • Setting up feature databases
  • Registration
  • SMS gateway integration
  • Development of GUI
Bidvest – Lithotech – Joomla Platform



Lithotech, a Bidvest company, required us to reSkin the site, based on their design, and make the site into an eCommerce website.
We carried out the following:

  • Structural design of the backend
  • E Commerce shopping cart integration
  • Invoice Structuring